Thursday, October 25, 2012

iPad Mini: Top 10 features

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1. Size: The tablet is, as the company stated in its introduction, ‘as thin as a pencil’. Given its sleekness, the new ‘mini’ iPad can be held in just one hand and carried around with ease anywhere and everywhere.
2. Weight: The iPad Mini is 0.68 lbs lighter than the iPad. In fact, according to Apple, it is as light as ‘a pad of paper’. Users will have no problem holding it and using it for hours on end, even in just one hand.
3. Display Size: an ideal size for watching videos, surfing the web and checking email on the go. The screen is not too big to be inconvenient to carry around, yet not small enough to take the joy out of watching high resolution videos. 
4. Screen Resolution: By giving the iPad Mini a display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, Apple has ensured that all of its popular apps and software work flawlessly on its new slate. Users can enjoy all of their favourite apps on the tablet right from the minute they unpack the device, without having to wait for newer versions to come up.

5. Display Area: In a comparison between an Android tablet and the iPad Mini, Apple pointed out the benefit of the larger surface area on its latest offering. With 29.6 square inches in display area, the iPad Mini offers users 35 per cent more surface for users to watch videos and play games on. Surfing the web is a delight on the tablet with 49 per cent more surface area in portrait and 67 per cent more in landscape modes. 
6. Casing: Apple has designed its latest tablet with an aluminum and glass casing that makes it durable and gives it a premium feel. We just hope the aluminum doesn’t come scratched straight out of the box like it did in the case of the iPhone 5.
7. Processor: The iPad Mini is powered by an A5 dual-core processor which is capable of rending quad-core quality graphics. Apple is confident that the chipset is well enough equipped to handle all of the iPad Mini’s complex multi-tasks with ease.
8. Operating System: As the tech world has long been expecting, the iPad Mini runs on the new and improved iOS 6 operating system. Apple’s best platform till date, it promises to take entertainment to new heights on the slate with its ever increasing collection of apps.
9. Battery: The iPad Mini is powered by the largest, thinnest single cell battery ever designed by Apple. In fact, the tech giant promises 10 hours of usage on the tablet on a single charge.
10. Cameras: One of the biggest additions on the iPad Mini is of the front facing HD Face Time camera. Users can finally enjoy video calls in high definition, something tablet enthusiasts have been seeking for a while now. Even the primary rear facing camera on the slate is a 5-megapixel iSight one, capable of recording HD video.  
The iPad Mini is designed in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB variants with both Wi-Fi and LTE versions. Prices start at $329(approx. Rs. 17,000) and go up to $659 (approx. Rs. 34,000). For more news and analysis of Apple’s latest offering, including its availability in India, stay tuned to KYMI

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